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About Us

Who We Are

“We are Joyhouse. We believe in providing only the best for your child. Our preschool and daycare services have been carefully curated to offer your child tender love and care, along with superior academic content. This will greatly contribute to their new journey in life.

Additionally, it will offer young parents a convenient option for their little ones, providing them with complete peace of mind."


“To create an inspiring world that encourages holistic development of young children while also nurturing their true potential."



“To create a joyful environment that fosters the healthy development of children, we offer a supreme curriculum, engaging activities, personalised attention and a positive atmosphere. We focus primarily on their cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional well-being.

We are driven by the belief that every child deserves a stimulating atmosphere to flourish beautifully."


Nurturing Young Minds
Where Your Child Will Soar to New Heights

At Joyhouse, we are wholly committed to your children’s happiness, holistic growth, and safety. Through our exciting activities and appropriate guidance, we ignite their imagination, enhance their cognitive and creative abilities, build their self-confidence, and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Partnering with Parents
Your Child's Happiness is Our Priority

We understand the trust you place in us, and we take that responsibility to heart. Our team of passionate educators is dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching experience for your children every single day. With an emphasis on open communication, we keep you informed about your child's progress and milestones, ensuring that you stay connected every step of the way.

Empowering Working Parents
Elevating Your Child's Potential While You Excel in Your Own Career

We offer a balanced blend of learning with convenience while catering to the needs of career-driven parents. With a focus on quality education and nurturing care, we use your child’s free time effectively, fostering essential skills vital for tomorrow’s world, while you remain dedicated to your career in your workspace.


Curated by Renowned Academicians

At Joyhouse, we infuse love and laughter into the experiences of our young learners through a wide range of enriching activities and classroom events. Our Comprehensive Foundational Programme aims to make each learner's journey a memorable one by creating a vividly colourful world with them at its centre.

Eclectic and
Appropriate Outcomes
Century Skills
Real World
Learning Connections
Inquiry, Exploration
and Discovery

We follow a thematic and exploration-based approach:

  • Learning is integrated within a theme, guided by hands-on experiences and events that ignite children’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore, create, and recreate.
  • Our curriculum empowers children to build a solid foundation in the understanding of simple concepts, primarily by using real-life examples and carefully planned group events.
  • The pedagogy is eclectic in nature and is based on the theories and approaches of eminent National and International early childhood educationists such as Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, Friedrich Frobel, and Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The methodology involves stimulating young minds through hands-on activities (for children below 2 years of age) and then implementing our renowned Early Years curriculum for our Preschool (for children between 2 years and 6 years).
  • Our highly researched and customised curriculum includes progressive and outcome-oriented learning milestones, aligned with the National Curriculum Framework for the Foundational Stage (2022) and various other international early years frameworks.
  • We seamlessly incorporate the most essential 21st Century Skills—‘Life Skills,’ ‘Learning Skills,’ and ‘Literacy Skills’—into enriching and exciting experiences for your children.
  • Through a ‘Discovery and Inquiry’-based approach that is child-centred, play-based, and well-structured, your children have ample opportunities to develop holistically.


Key Highlights


Benefits for Corporates

  • Unmatched Convenience
  • Appropriate Employee Support
  • Family-friendly Workplace
  • Enhanced Corporate Reputation
  • Unmatched Convenience
  • Adherence to Maternity Benefit Act of 2017
  • Late Hours Available**

**conditions apply


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Joyhouse different from other Preschools and Daycares?

Our core uniqueness is in our specialised expertise of the preschool sector. Joyhouse has been conceived and conceptualised by a team which has a strong foothold in the field of quality preschool education for more than 20 years. We understand that each child is unique, and the care given to them is as per individualistic needs. We provide our children with activities and learnings based on globally recommended practices along with developing appropriate 21st century skills. We also inculcate the right values while developing their socio-emotional skills in a nurturing environment. Joyhouse is not only a safe place for your child to spend her/ his days, but also a haven for holistic learning.

What are your ethos?

Joyhouse imbibes the ‘play’ pedagogy endorsed by the government of India in the National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stages (NCF) formulated for Early Childhood Education. Research from neuroscience informs us that over 85% of a person’s brain development occurs by the age of 6 yrs, indicating the critical importance of appropriate care and stimulation in a child’s early years for sustained and healthy development. Hence, it is paramount that optimal development happens in various development domains, including physical and motor, socio-emotional, cognitive, communication, early language, and emergent literacy and numeracy in these Early Years. Adhering to this philosophy, our focus is on your child’s holistic development through various interventions aimed at the crucial developmental domains.

What will my child do at Joyhouse on a usual day?

We at Joyhouse understand the importance of routine in early years. We have a structured developmentally appropriate schedule for your children. The schedule includes:

  • Greeting and Circle Time
  • Preschool learning with a Scripted Curriculum
  • Physical Development and Play Activities
  • Nap Time
  • Meals and Snacks Time
  • Toilet Training and Clean Up Time
  • Enriching Experiences with various After-School Activities in the Evening
  • Stories and Rhymes Time
  • And much more

How do you communicate with Parents?

Daily informal communication between the Teacher and the Parent is carried out during dispersal time when parents arrive to pick up their children. Formal communication is through the learners’ handbook or via email. Any urgent communication can be had via phone call/ video call.

How are reading, writing and numeracy skills taught?

Following the principles laid down by National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stages (NCF), of building foundational literacy and numeracy skills on priority for children of age group of 3-6 years, we follow a scientifically proven, stepwise approach to develop these skills in learners. These practices are based on their developmental stage and are progressive in nature.

The beginning stages are pre-math, pre-reading and pre-writing, for age groups 2 years to 4 years, which then progresses towards developing proficiency in formal and foundational literacy and numeracy for age group of 4 years to 6 years.

How are children assessed and what aspects of progress are given importance?

All our activities are outcome-based, wherein learning outcomes are mentioned for each module. These outcomes are further supported by observable and measurable parameters for the teachers to record every child’s individual progress in a linear manner. For the foundational stage, the Education Ministry of India advocates no formal written examinations, but an everyday observation of the child’s strengths and areas where she/ he needs assistance. Based on these observations, the parent will receive a Report Card every quarter of the Academic Year.

Does your curriculum also include Art and Craft, Music and other activities?

Our curriculum focuses on the holistic development of children, encompassing all aspects of learning and development through thoughtful pedagogy and planning. Art activities, music and movement are a part of our preschool curriculum, and we also additionally provide the same as an After-School Evening Programme conducted by experts. There are numerous curricular and extracurricular activities to bring out the best talents of your child.

Do you assist with homework and school projects for children?

Yes, we provide support to the children in our care with homework and additional academic assistance through personalised tutoring, if required. Our 'Buddy Study Time' is an after-school programme, and is available for all age groups.

Joyhouse Daycare is a perfect blend of fun and learning. It is a home away from home, where we have a structured schedule for children to read, play, study and enjoy.

What credentials do your teachers have?

Teachers and Caregivers at Joyhouse are ECCEd qualified, equipped with required skills and well-trained to take care of young children. Further, they are upskilled regularly by our internal team specifically for academics, safety, nutrition and hygiene. They are also POCSO-trained and verified by local authorities.

What are the hygiene and safety measures deployed?

Hygiene and child safety are of utmost importance, and we have Global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place, which were formulated after extensive research and by following all Government mandates and ECCE guidelines. Aspects like physical and emotional safety are prioritised to ensure that the children have a cozy, caring and conducive learning environment, fostering positive relationships between the caregivers, teachers and children.

What are the types of child development activities in your Daycare Programme?

We believe that holistic development must be provided to all children by catering to the six developmental domains and the eight intelligences as per Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory. Hence, we have curated activities to cater to overall development of the child in the following domains:

  • Physical Development through activities designed to develop Gross and Fine motor skills.
  • Communication and Language Development through exercises built for guided and free conversation, active listening, reading and writing.
  • Cognitive Development through discovery, exploration and experimentation, which includes pre-math and math concepts, science concepts, along with logical and scientific thinking experiences through hands-on activities.
  • Social, Emotional and Ethical Development by the medium of stories and by creating an environment for children to collaborate, build resilience, make decisions and exercise perseverance.
  • Creative and Aesthetic Development by providing opportunities for children to express their creativity and appreciate art, colours and nature.
  • Approaches to Learning is catered to by ensuring that children get multiple opportunities to have their curiosity and initiative acknowledged and satisfied along with encouraging them to hone their leadership skills and productivity.

What does a typical day at Joyhouse look like for children of ages 1 year – 2 years?

A particular day at Joyhouse for your precious toddler is planned as per her/ his needs. In a nutshell, the day will follow the below given schedule:

  • Greeting Time
  • Free Play
  • Circle Time
  • Breakfast Time
  • Conceptual Exercises
  • Sensory Developmental Activities
  • Lunch Time
  • Clean Up
  • Nap Time
  • Milk and Snacks Time
  • Clean Up
  • Story and Rhyme Time
  • Free play time
  • Good bye Circle
  • Dispersal

What does a typical day at Joyhouse look like for children of ages 6 years – 10 years?

A typical day for our older children will encompass plenty of active and passive activities. The children will have time to replenish their energy with nap time, hone their creative skills and channelise their physical energy during Play Time. Next, they will complete their school related work during Study Time and post that, they can explore a variety of activities during Enrichment Activity Time.

Are there field trips for Daycare students?

Yes, field trips form an integral part of our curriculum. With real-life experiences, children learn from their natural surroundings and relate to their learnings much better.

Do you have a healthy meal policy?

At Joyhouse, we understand the nutrition needs of our growing toddlers and young learners and keeping these dietary requirements in mind, we ensure that the meals served are 100% vegetarian, healthy, appetising and freshly served, after following high hygiene standards.

Is Nap Time included in the Daycare schedule?

Yes. Nap Time is an integral part of children’s routine for their well-being. At Joyhouse we follow a nap time routine as per the age of the child. We have a cozy, comfortable nap room for the same.

Do you have hourly daycare facility or half day or full day? Do you have flexible hours?

Flexible hours on the basis of parent’s routine is a possibility. Please contact us for more details.

How is technology being used in your curriculum?

At Joyhouse, we do not encourage screen or gadget time for toddlers. However, technology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum for a limited time, wherever it is necessary, for the older children.

Are there any activities offered for children after school hours?

After-School activities are aimed to enrich children’s experiences in the field of their interest. It widens their horizon of grasping, honing their creativity, imagination, critical thinking, but most importantly, builds their life skills. To know more about the specific offerings, please contact us.

Does the child have to be potty-trained before joining the daycare or is the staff willing to assist in the process?

It is better that the child undergoes this sensitive process with the parents at home and comes potty-trained, but, if need be, the staff is well-trained to assist the child. Parents must inform us in advance if the child will need help.


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